A.R. Jubaili Continue To Thrive In Lebanese Market

Perkin’s initially presented information regarding their latest developments with the 4000 series engine range to make it both more powerful and fuel efficient. They were followed by FG Wilson Regional Sales Manager Johnny Maguire who spoke about the strengths and high quality of the standard FG Wilson product range, introduced the new F Model Product Range and outlined the outstanding pre and post sales support provided by A.R. Jubaili.

Application Consultant Jonathan Rodgers then spoke on several topics covering key considerations with installation and cooling system design which engaged the captive audience.

The event was a triumph for A.R. Jubaili with extremely positive feedback received from those in attendance further highlighting A.R. Jubaili’s standing as a professional, coordinated and successful player in the Lebanese market. Thanks to this successful event, FG Wilson will be hosting many more key Lebanese clients over the coming months.